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Why you Should Get on the Gel

Whether you are booming in your business as a New U Life® distributor, just learning about it, or don’t even know what New U Life is, our new “Get on the Gel” video talks about the product that started it all: SomaDerm®. That being said, we’re going to share with you some of the revolutionary features of this transdermal gel we’ve learned about from the video:

What Role Human Growth Hormone Plays in Our Aging

As we get older, our human growth hormone (HGH) begins to rapidly decline. This typically happens around the age of 30, when people often experience weight gain, low energy, decreased stamina, and slower recovery.


How Utilizing Human Growth Hormone Benefits Our Bodies

SomaDerm gel is a cutting edge scientific breakthrough that utilizes the body’s natural power of human growth hormone (HGH) to help you achieve optimal health. Key ingredients inside this gel have been shown in independent clinical studies to increase endogenous HGH by 800%. By using SomaDerm, many people have discovered the beneficial effects of key ingredients as listed on SomaDerm’s National Drug Code: including hormone balance, reduced fat, and improved bones/joints.

What makes SomaDerm Safe and Effective

Because SomaDerm comes in a low-dose transdermal gel form, it is safe and effective for those who use it. Other forms of growth hormone may include injections, sprays, or pills. Alternative delivery forms of HGH may be invasive, expensive, and ineffective to the body.

Why SomaDerm is Right For You

If you’ve been feeling what some adults often experience when they age, such as a lack of vitality in life or a decrease in energy, SomaDerm could be the answer for you. SomaDerm isn’t something that only the elite athletes use, but is for everyone! By learning about the benefits of taking SomaDerm and trying it for yourself, you can discover it’s powerful benefits.  So take control, regain your youth! 


Sharing SomaDerm with Others

There are so many more reasons why SomaDerm is the best in the market. If you’ve seen the benefits of SomaDerm in your own life, don’t be shy and share this video along with your SomaDerm story with your customers, family, and friends who could benefit from this! 


Check out the video here! 


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